Current projects

Molecular robotics

  • · Molecular system design and simulation with DACCAD[1]
  • · System optimization with BioNEAT[2,3]
  • · Self-assembly and self-repair in swarms of molecular robots[4]
  • · Reservoir computing-based controller design[5]

Complex systems

  • · Evolution of cooperation in agent-based models[6,7]
  • · Analysis of networks of coupled oscillators
  • · Emergence of structural complexity in a system of many interacting DNA strands with selection

Stochastic black-box optimization

  • · Surrogate-assisted artificial immune system algorithms[8]
  • · Quality-Diversity algorithm for exploring molecular systems[9]

Molecular robotics

The field of molecular robotics is particularly active in Japan, with multiple research events organized throughout the year. Members of the lab are encouraged to join.

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Code repositories

The java code for the simulation and optimization of molecular systems is available on BitBucket.


Lab retreat

Every year, the lab and collaborators meet to present their recent research and exchange ideas. Location changes every year.

2023 program