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Scroll Browser: A Simple Augmented Reality System

Itiro Siio

Faculty of Engineering, Tamagawa University,
Tokyo, 194-8610 Japan
Tel: +81-42-739-8413
FAX: +81-42-739-8858
Email: siio@eng.tamagawa.ac.jp

The Scroll Browser is an information browser equipping a hand-held display which scrolls with movement of a positioning device. A combination of a mechanical pen-mouse and a bar-code reader is used to detect the position on a surface such as a wall. First, a user scans a bar-code sticker on a wall, on which an icon, name, and bar-code is printed. Second, as a user moves the pen-mouse on the wall, starting from the sticker, an image prepared in the computer is scrolled on the hand-held display. A user can observe images, for examples, electrical wiring or piping work behind the wall, by selecting bar-code stickers.

By using Scroll Browser, we can provide virtual images pasted on a real wall, in less expensive way than using conventional augmented-reality equipment.

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